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Meeting of the Creditors

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Shortly after you file your bankruptcy case, you will be scheduled for the "341 Meeting of Creditors." This meeting is, without a doubt, the most stressful part of filing a bankruptcy case for most clients.

Having attended hundreds of them, I know that the fear is based on not knowing what to expect. Because of the name, most people are afraid that their creditors will show up and drill them. The reality is that creditors do not show up for this meeting 99% of the time. So what can you expect?

You can expect a very nice trustee to be sitting on the other side of a desk in a room full of chairs and other people who have filed for bankruptcy (they are waiting for their 341 Meeting also). The trustee will check your government issue identification and social security card against the information that you filed. You will then be asked some basic questions that must be asked of everyone and then if they have any questions about something particular to your petition, they will ask you about it then.

If you have an asset case (a case that has unprotected assets which the trustee has a right to liquidate), you can expect the trustee to ask you if you'd like to make an offer so you can keep the asset (in most cases) or be given information on how to turn the asset over to them. If you have a "no asset" case, then the trustee will usually declare that also. At all times our Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney - Clare Casas, will be there with you.

In the vast majority of cases, you will spend more time finding the courthouse, parking and making your way to the room then actually in front of the trustee. In all scenarios above, at the conclusion of the meeting, you can expect the trustee to wish you good luck and a great day.

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Clare and all of her staff are truly amazing. Very thorough and always there for you through this difficult time. I recommend her for your bankruptcy needs. Don't go anywhere else. Andrea S.
Clare and her staff are truly amazing!! My case was prepared and closed in less than 4 months. It was a lot of work, but they helped me through it all. If you need help and guidance Attorney Clare Casas is the number one choice!! Val S.
Attorney Clare Casas and her staff were not only professional and effective during my case they were also kind and understanding. If you're considering or need an attorney for financial matters, I highly recommend contacting this office first. You'll be glad you did! R.J. T.