How Can I Save My Home?

By Bankruptcy Law Firm of Clare Casas on Monday, November 4, 2013.

How can I save my home? That question is made to us on a daily basis by weary homeowners who have been trying on their own to get their home mortgage modified. Dealing with the banks through the normal modification channels is no easy task. The banks are constantly asking for documentation that can seem confusing, unnecessary and repetitive. And who hasn't heard a bank say "I never received the requested documents?"

There's a better way; a more comprehensive financial overhaul that may include modifying your mortgage if you qualify. There's a new home mortgage loan modification program in Chapter 13 bankruptcy court that has been under way since April, 2013. Although skeptical of it ourselves when it was first announced, we have become the Ft Lauderdale Loan Modifications Number 1 Fan in a very short time. Why? Because we are getting loan modifications in approximately 75% to 80% of our cases. That is an astounding success rate given the history of the loan modification program in general. The usual disclaimer applies: Past success doesn't guarantee that you will get a loan modification under this program as their are many variables. What I can tell you, is that this program gives you a real and significant review of your situation for a loan modification. No more bank runaround and lost papers.

We believe the differences that are built into the Chapter 13 loan modification program are the reason that this program is so successful. Check back for more details about the program or call our office and set up a free consultation. We will tell you how you can restructure your entire financial landscape and give a modification your best shot.

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