Good financial habits for consumer debtors in Florida

On behalf of Bankruptcy Law Firm of Clare Casas on Tuesday, July 8, 2014.

Financial independence definitely does not mean exactly the same thing for everybody, but it is something for which most strive. There is little doubt that money, and particularly a shortage thereof, causes many consumer debtors in Florida their share of worries and stress. Sometimes the debt comes from living beyond their means, forgetting to save or becoming dependent on credit cards, and sometimes it is just beyond their control.

However, bad spending habits soon catch up with debtors and start influencing their personal life. Fortunately, it is never too late to change spending habits. Consumers can become financially independent by making certain changes in their lives.

The starting point is to decide what the term "financial independence" means to them. It would require establishing where they see themselves in 10 or 20 years. At this point, it is necessary to talk to all immediate family members or a partner to get their views and input. Now comes the time to get rid of debt by evaluating different options to decide how to save and how to pay off debt. The last thing to do for consumers is to evaluate their lives – to make sure they understand the motivation behind some of their spending habits – and to make the needed changes.

A role model may act as good motivation on the road to debt freedom. Consumer debtors in Florida may find that gaining financial independence is possible if they are patient and disciplined. For some, filing for bankruptcy may prove to be the best solution to achieve this. All one may need is some advice to point him or her in the right direction and the will to obtain the goal.

Source:, "Celebrating financial independence", Lynne Valencia, July 3, 2014

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